Center for Christian-Muslim Studies

The Center for Christian-Muslim Studies was founded in 1995 upon the recommendation of some 30 scholars in the field of Christian-Muslim studies. These scholars, who came from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas held two major conferences at the University of Balamand, studied the university and its broader environment, and recommended the founding of the Center, which, in their view, was important both for the Arab world, and as a link with similar institutions in the west.
Since then, the 47 students enrolled in its academic program, a number of conferences and seminars organized and the 17 publications are testimony to the work and commitment of the Center.
The Center accepts graduate students from various fields of study, with a preference given to Arts and Social Sciences graduates.
Two years of study at the Center are required to obtain the M.A. in Christian-Muslim Studies, at the end of which the student writes a thesis.