Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) contributes to the educational mission of the University by offering services, programs and opportunities to students that nurture personal growth and help them towards the fulfillment of their needs and ambitions. Above all, the Office provides an exemplary living and learning environment that fosters engagement and innovation, enabling students to have a positive impact and act as agents of change in their respective communities. The OSA employs full-time and part-time dedicated team members who serve student needs and support their activities.

In addition to honoring the campus values of knowledge, openness, excellence, collaboration and caring, OSA staff and faculty members are guided by the following principles:

  • - Maintaining high standards of ethical behavior and personal integrity
  • - Respecting diversity and serving all students without discrimination
  • - Fostering innovation and leadership
  • - Promoting civic engagement and supporting projects that increase public awareness

The office shifted into student centered operation during the last five years. All projects initiated by the office are in partnership with student committees or clubs. This policy has been adopted in an attempt to enhance the sense of ownership and belonging among students. 
Moreover, the office depends particularly on its social media platforms which show increasingly high interaction and engagement levels hence portraying a positive image about campus life to the Balamand community.

Office Goals
  • •  Enriching campus life by promoting extra-curricular activities
  • •  Provide opportunities for students to develop their talents
  • •  Attracting, welcoming and retaining active students, with the aim of optimizing their engagement and commitment in events outside the classroom
  • •  Developing human and physical resources to improve the quality of student life at the University
  • •  Developing the soft skills and critical thinking of students by engaging them in real life projects
  • •  Soliciting feedback from Stakeholders and helping students adapt to changing needs and new horizons

OSA Divisions
We are a team of dedicated faculty and staff members distributed as follows:

Office Locations
OSA offices are located at all 5 campuses:

  • - Al Kurah Campus, Zakhem Building: +961 6 205930, ext. 3930
  • - Sin El Fil - Beirut Campus: 01 566 781, ext. 123
  • - St. George Health Complex (Health Sciences) - Achrafieh Campus: 01 562 108, ext. 5120
  • - St. George Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education - Achrafieh campus: 01 566 781, ext. 5174
  • - Beino - Akkar Campus: 06 931 972, ext. 5401
  • - Souk El Gharb - Aley Campus: 05 272 078, ext. 5540
The office, in all its divisions, aims always to present itself as a dynamic, open communication space that fulfills student aspirations for a rich University experience.