Department of Mass Media and Communication

The Department of Mass Media and Communication is building well-rounded, competent communicators, journalists, media policy experts, and media managers. By offering students a choice between three different tracks within Mass Media and Communication, it allows them to focus more closely on their interests.

Our courses combine the best of training and internships with local TV channels and various Radio Channels in Lebanon as well as workshops and training with International News agencies. Students learn theory and apply it in class before moving on to internships locally and internationally preparing them for a successful professional career.

Why Mass Media and Communication?
A degree in Mass Media and Communication opens the door to a wide array of career opportunities ranging from digital journalism to marketing and media planning. If you are interested in becoming a: Journalist, Media Theorist, Actor for TV or Film, Film Maker, Director Script Writer, Event Manager, or Public Relations Specialist then this is the field for you. We have the best of core courses to teach you all you need in media theory and communication combined with specifically targeted courses for your emphasis and interests.

The Degrees We Offer
BA in Journalism and Broadcast Journalism Bacc + 3 100 Credits
BA in TV and Film: Performance and Production Bacc + 3 100 Credits
BA in MASS Media and Communication (Journalism and Broadcast Journalism; Radio, Tv, and Film; Marketing Communication) Bacc + 3 100 Credits
MA in Broadcast Journalism and New Media Bacc + 2 after BA 30 Credits
MA in Film Bacc + 2 after BA 30 Credits
MA in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Bacc + 2 after BA 30 Credits

Minors We Offer
We also offer 4 Minors for both Undergraduates and Graduates

Minor in Journalism 15 Credits
Minor in Acting for Film and TV 15 Credits
Minor in Marketing Communication 15 Credits
MA in Film Making 15 Credits