The Faculty of Health Sciences “At a Glance”

The Faculty of Health Sciences stretches over three campuses at the University of Balamand: within the St. George Health Complex in Achrafieh, Beirut; at the UOB Main Campus (Al Kurah) near Tripoli; and Souk el Gharb Campus.

It offers Freshman courses, Undergraduate BS degrees and Graduate Master degrees. Possibilities are available to complete pre-Medical requirements, minors and dual undergraduate degrees. English is the main language of instruction; Nursing undergraduate degrees are also available in French.

The Faculty is firmly committed to the integral relationship between academics, research and community service, with emphasis on the needs of Lebanon and the region. Academic programs are multidisciplinary; collaborative teamwork is promoted through having all students take University and Faculty required courses. Furthermore, degree programs ensure that students become involved in extensive practical experience in the hospital and the community. This enables them to become qualified and capable professionals, with professional attitudes, teamwork skills, and academic qualifications to assume useful operational and leadership roles within healthcare systems. Graduates are also prepared to continue to higher education in disciplines and fields that relate to medicine, health, development, the environment, and education, among others.

One of the most powerful assets of our Faculty is its supportive and friendly atmosphere, which creates strong bonds between students, and between faculty and students. Classes are small-sized. Instructors offer individual attention and mentoring to their students, working side-by-side in numerous projects and community activities.

Believing that Health Sciences have to be people-focused and community-related, the FHS encourages its students to broaden their horizons by:
  • - Taking courses with other departments of the University, particularly those dealing with public issues and needs.
  • - Becoming involved in community work as a means of building good citizenship and exposure to the practicalities of community work,
  • - Undertaking research that bridges academic and community-oriented work.
Accordingly, the FHS has encouraged multi-disciplinary collaboration involving other faculties of the University. The FHS has also been active in engaging national and international organizations that are interested in linking university education with public interest community work.