Location and Facilities

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of the University of Balamand (UOB) offers its courses and programs at three locations:

  • - Achrafieh Campus: The FHS in Achrafieh, Beirut, faces the St. George Hospital University Medical Center, with which it collaborates closely for applied training. The Faculty contains facilities for laboratories, a student lounge and a computer lab, and benefits from the facilities of the St. George Hospital University Medical Center (SGHUMC) Abi Chahla Medical Library, hospital laboratories, and amphitheater. The FHS shares the same premises as the Faculty of Medicine and proactively seeks to cooperate with all University Faculties, Institutes and Programs.

    The Achrafieh Campus is five minutes away from the centre of downtown Beirut. The surrounding urban environment provides students with easy access to the many resources of the capital city, including government and administrative facilities, employment opportunities, shopping, leisure, and entertainment facilities. Public transportation is readily available, and there are many facilities within walking distance (dormitories, bookstores, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, etc.). Affordable lodging is available at the St. George Hospital dormitories. The St. George Hospital Canteen offers hot meals at subsidized prices, and extensive parking facilities are to be found within the Health complex.

    Regular transport is available to the UOB Main Campus (Al Kurah), where FHS students have full access to academic programs, and the great sports, library, and recreational facilities of the University.

  • - Main Campus Al Kurah: The Faculty‚Äôs location on the UOB Main Campus (Al Kurah), near Tripoli, is in a new building housing the Health and Medical Sciences. This is situated near the principal entrance of the University and within easy access to the extensive grounds and facilities of the campus. The Faculty collaborates with many healthcare centers in Tripoli and the north of Lebanon.

    Students following degree programs at the FHS on the Al Kurah Campus can choose to live on campus at the University dormitories and enjoy the natural beauty and exceptional location of the campus, between mountains and the sea.

  • - Souk el Gharb: The newest location of the FHS is at the new Souk el Gharb campus in Mount Lebanon. The beautiful surroundings offer the perfect atmosphere for learning. It is just 20 minutes away from Beirut and can be easily accessed from Zahle, Aley, Bhamdoun and Saida.