Message from the FHS team

Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

This Faculty takes pride in its academic collegial environment and community partnerships that nurture intellectual growth, professional development, and commitment to service. The Faculty enables students to develop into committed professionals with critically needed attitudes, knowledge, and competencies. This strengthens their competitiveness and resilience as they pursue their career and life aspirations.

Enrolled students are mentored through learning, service, and research. University and Faculty-wide dynamics enhance potential and facilitate the advancement and wellbeing of all concerned.

Academic programs of the Faculty are enriched through research and integration with our targeted community-based and nation-wide co-academic programs. These expand knowledge, advance experiential learning, and translate know-how into interventions that reduce risk, improve health, and increase wellbeing. The symbiotic relationship between students, faculty, and staff empowers all.

I hope that you will find the material on this website helpful in answering your queries, strengthening your understanding, and expanding your perspective.

Whether you are a student, parent or colleague, you are welcome to visit us in person. Faculty, staff, and students will be privileged to address your questions and concerns and share their experiences.

The FHS Team looks forward to hearing from you and meeting you in good health and spirit.