English Program

English Communication Skills
The English Communication Skills Program at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Achrafieh, is a mirror program of the English Department at the Main Campus (Al Kurah), with the same requirements for entry. The same courses are offered at FHS as well as on the Main Campus, with close coordination.

Students may take their English courses at either the Achrafieh or the Al Kurah or the Souk el Garb campuses. Additional course offerings in the Program at FHS include elective courses that are designed to meet student and program interests, including a course entitled "The Art of Public Speaking", an elective course (ENGL 200) to upgrade the proficiency of French Nursing students, and Continuing Education courses (CEP 002 and 003) that target the needs of personnel at St George Hospital University Medical Center. Students may also get involved in the various activities led by the Program, including theatre, public speaking, and guest speakers. In the acadeic year of 20/19, the English Program introduced a minor in English for interested students.

The coordinator of the English Program, Ms Suhaila Salem, has been the coordinator of the Program for over twelve years and is the link between the Al Kurah Main Campus and the FHS.

The English Communication Skills Program is involved in many diverse activities alongside its academic offerings. Activities are intended to contribute to the University’s mission of preparing students to achieve reliable communication and language skills and to develop a critical and reflective appreciation of the local and world literary and cultural heritage. They have included public speaking competitions, theatre productions, scrabble competitions, and hosting of guest speakers.

Since 2004, the FHS has participated in the National Public Speaking Competition, a yearly competition organized by the English Speaking Union (ESU) and funded by the HSBC Bank. Ms Nayiri Baboudjian, herself an ESU alumnus, has trained more than a half dozen students to participate in this event. Three of her students (Ms Loren Eid in 2004, Mr Jad Khoury in 2008, and Mr Moataz El Israwi in 2010) won the National Competition and made it to the London finals to participate in the International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC). In 2010, Mr Moataz El Israwi (Junior, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Pre-Med. student) won the international competition (IPSC), which took place at the HSBC headquarters in London.