Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA)

The EMBA at the University of Balamand is a comprehensive program designed to equip managers and entrepreneurs with business acumen, skills and tools much needed to navigate an ever-changing and complex world.

Program Learning Outcome
  1. Upon successful completion of this degree, EMBA graduates should be able to:
  2. Gain and employ skills to thrive and let thrive.
  3. Utilize various business tools to make sound business decisions.
  4. Assess national, regional and international business, geo-political and economic contexts to navigate complex environments.
  5. Generate strategic plans for sustainable and inclusive business and economic growth.

Program Structure
The EMBA is a module-based program (39 credits), with a length of 18-19 Months; Modules are conducted once per month for three consecutive full-days classes (usually Thursdays to Saturdays).

The program includes the following modules:

1. EMBA410 Thrive and Let Thrive 3 Cr.
2. EMBA420 Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 2 Cr.
3. EMBA430 Data Analysis and Decision Making 2 Cr.
4. EMBA440 Value Creation 2 Cr.
5. EMBA450 Accounting for Executives 2 Cr.
6. EMBA460 Corporate Finance 2 Cr.
7. EMBA470 Marketing Management for Executives 2 Cr.
8. EMBA480 Economics for Managers 2 Cr.
9. EMBA490 Human Resources Strategies 2 Cr.
10. EMBA500 Market Finance 2 Cr.
11. EMBA510 Operations Management 2 Cr.
12. EMBA520 Regional and Global Risk Assessment 2 Cr.
13. EMBA530 International Business Management 2 Cr.
14. EMBA540 Business Ethics and Sustainability 2 Cr.
15. EMBA550 Accelerators of Technology 2 Cr.
16. EMBA560 Crises Management and Leadership 2 Cr.
17. EMBA570 Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship 2 Cr.
18. EMBA580 Strategic Management 2 Cr.
19. EMBA590 Consulting Practicum: Business Challenge 2 Cr.

Admission Criteria
In order to be eligible to apply to the EMBA program at UOB, you must:
  • • Have a bachelor degree licensed from the Ministry of Education.
  • • Have five years of Managerial Experience.
  • • Have submitted a formal application with all required documents.

Admission Requirements
Prospective EMBA students must submit a completed and signed application form, available online on http://sis.balamand.edu.lb/pls/apex/f?p=100:101, or as hard copy from the Office of Admissions and Registration, along:
  • • Certified copy of the bachelor’s degree and an official transcript.
  • • Diploma equivalence from the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  • • Two recommendation letters: one from thesis’ supervisor and one from a previous or current employer.
  • • Employment Verification letters (5 years of managerial experience required).
  • • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • • An interview with the admission committee of the EMBA program.
  • • Three recent passport-size photographs.
  • • A photocopy of your Identity Card or Passport.
  • • Evidence of English Language Proficiency, i.e., TOEFL or IELTS (a minimum of 527 on the paper-based TOEFL, or 80 on the Internet-based TOEFL, or 5.5 on the IELTS exam).
  • • An application fee of 152,000 L.L.
The decision about admission will be published on the website (Prospective Students -> Student Applicants 20-21) two weeks after the application is completed and received by the Office of Admissions and Registration.

For More Information
Send an email to emba@balamand.edu.lb
Or Contact:
Dr. George Rahbani, EMBA program coordinator:
          +961 6930250 Ext. 5708; george.rahbani@balamand.edu.lb

Mrs. Nathalie Nasr, Administrative Assistant
          +961 6930250 Ext. 5702; nathalie.nasr@balamand.edu.lb

Mrs. Mira Jabbour, Executive Secretary, Dean’s Office
          +961 6930250 Ext. 3851; mira.jabbour@balamand.edu.lb