Presentation skills

The Faculty of Business and Management hosted Dr. Ziad Nehme, who gave a lecture on “Presentation Skills”. Doctor Nehme has a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and a Doctorate of Business Administration and is a certified communication and public speaking consultant.

Dr. Nehme presented the elements of the communication process to students and demonstrated how to communicate clearly and with impact, by improving verbal and non-verbal communication style.

He discussed the basic rules of communication and showed how corporates and leading brands succeeded to target audiences throughout the years with clear, brief and memorable corporate messages. Equally, he focused on how one can develop his own character and become an impressive speaker in different venues such as webinars, meetings, presentations conferences, etc…

Dr. Nehme explained that being an effective communicator takes real skill and communication skills have to be improved on an on-going basis. Thus he encouraged students to practice pubic speaking and advised them to involve in extracurricular activities that involve team work and stage performances such theater, music and community engagement so to experiment how to address audiences and manage anxiety and stage fright. Additionally, he spoke about his personal experience as actor, choir member and soloist and used the “orchestra” metaphor to simulate how a speaker should prepare himself to meet the audience expectations and thus tailors a speech with impact.

At the end, and out of 89 attendees, he volunteered a personalized assistance for three randomly selected students to guide them prepare their final project presentation.