Academic Regulations

Grading System

There will be six levels of grades given: Honors, Very Good, Good, High Pass, Pass and Fail.
H = Top 10% grades of the class
VG = Very Good (VG > Mean + 1sd)
G = Good (Mean < G < Mean + 1sd)
HP = High Pass (Mean - 1sd < HP < Mean)
P = Pass (Mean - 2sd < P < Mean - 1sd)
F = Fail (F < Mean - 2sd)


Students are required to attend all classes, laboratories, clerkships, examinations and any other assigned work. Credit is not given for incomplete work or for work not performed. Students absent for illness or any other valid reason are required to make up in some way for their missed work. The Director of the course or the Department concerned assigns remedial work for work not performed. Make-up examinations are graded by Pass or Fail.


Students who pass all the courses or clerkships will be promoted to the next higher class. However, a student with a grade of Pass in all courses or clerkships but is deemed not ready for promotion may be asked by the Academic Committee to pass a make-up examination in a designated course or repeat the year.


A student in Medicine I or Medicine II classes who fails fewer than 12 credits may be asked to do remedial work and pass make-up examinations in the designated course(s) or repeat the year. A student who fails a make-up examination will be asked to repeat the year. A student in Medicine I or Medicine II classes who fails more than 12 credits may be asked either to repeat the year or to withdraw from the Faculty.
A student in Medicine III or Medicine IV classes who fails a clinical clerkship may be asked to do remedial work and pass a make-up exam or repeat the clerkship.
A student who fails more than one clerkship may be asked either to repeat the year or to withdraw from the Faculty.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade denotes that a grade has not been determined for a course or clerkship because the student has not completed the assigned work due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. illness, death in the family, accident). Before a student can be granted an incomplete grade, the extenuating circumstances must be validated by the Dean’s Office. The incomplete grade will be replaced with a grade upon completion of all course material. The Director of the course determines the deadline for completion of the course requirements provided that it will not exceed one month after the final examination of the course. If the material requested is not completed by the designated deadline, the incomplete grade will be converted to Fail.

Deceleration Program

This curriculum program is designed for students who encounter serious academic difficulty as demonstrated by their performance in the assigned examinations at an early stage in Medicine I. Such students may request to join the decelerated program. If the request is approved they will be given the opportunity to spread out their first year load over two years. A decelerated first year curriculum is structured so that the student will complete it in no more than two years. Deficiencies in the decelerated program are treated according to the Faculty general rules. However, students who are unable to complete the decelerated program will be asked to withdraw from the Faculty.


If a student is dropped from the program for academic reasons he/she may apply again after leaving the Faculty for a minimum period of one year. The student will be eligible to enroll in the program if he/she obtains another University degree from an institution of higher learning. The re-admitted student must repeat all the courses or clerkships of the year from which he/she was dropped.

Disciplinary Action

Any student engaged in ethical misconduct will be referred to the Dean and University Administrative Committee for action. A student may be dropped from the medical program for professional and/or ethical misconduct. If a student is dropped from the Faculty because of a disciplinary action, he/she will not be eligible for re-admission.

Dean’s Honor List

Any student who satisfactorily completes the curriculum of the four academic years will be eligible for a Doctor of Medicine degree. The degree will be granted with Honors if the student attains an Honors grade in 50% of the courses and clerkships and does not fail any course or clerkship, and is deemed qualified to carry the MD degree with Honors. To be placed on the Dean’s Honor List at the end of an academic year, a medical student must:
  • o Rank in the top 10% of his/her class.
  • o Have no failing or incomplete grades.
  • o Have no disciplinary action against him/her.
  • o Be deemed worthy by the Dean to be placed on the Dean’s Honor List.

University Regulations

All other procedures and regulations follow the University general policy.