Online Exams at the Faculty of Medicine

Online Exams at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine (FOM) at the University of Balamand has been an integral part of the University’s efforts to take to online learning in order to salvage the academic semester for its medical students. Hence, the Task Force, which was assigned the task of administering and supporting the exams through the novel UOB system, has closely coordinated with FOM since the first week of university closure. In fact, the first online trials of the system were conducted for MED II students during the first week of March with the help of Dr Ghassan Nabbout and Mr George Farah from FOM.

Working with MED II students was essential to address any feedback and issues they faced. Then on, this experience was expanded to more classes in the faculty. The overall student experience was positive, especially that students were able to take the exams from the safety of their homes at this difficult time, all while being supported by their faculty and staff members of the UOB Online Exams Task Force.

In a further development, the faculty has announced that it plans to administer Job Written Exams for entry into the St. George Faculty of Post Graduate Medical Education using the system. The exam will be held for around 30 candidates through the online platform. It is scheduled to take place on April 23, 2020.

Dean of Medicine Dr Camile Nassar stated: “ It was a great challenge for the Faculty of Medicine to salvage the academic year under the prevailing circumstances. In line with our convictions that medical students are physicians in training and that patients do not take vacations and diseases do not go on holidays, the faculty and students made a great effort to go with the academic program to online teaching and examinations. Thanks to the university task force we will complete the assigned curriculum at all levels, and students will continue their programs as scheduled.”

In a statement, Vice President for Internationalization and Engagement and Head of the Task Force Professor Rami Abboud assured that the University of Balamand is adamant on making use of all its capabilities to safeguard the semester for its students. To that end, he thanked the extensive efforts being put forward by faculty members and staff and concluded: “The experience with the Faculty of Medicine was most insightful. I’m very happy with the cooperation of students with the overall experience.