Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology

The bachelor of technology in civil engineering and construction covers all stages of building design and construction, from the drawing board to the on-site building process. The program goals are to prepare students for successful engineering or management careers in the engineering, architecture and construction industry or related fields; and educate engineering leaders with a well-educated workforce that are ready and able to work in multidisciplinary environment immediately after graduation.

The educational objectives of the Civil Engineering and constructions Technology program are to produce graduates prepared to support civil engineers in structural design, public works, construction, inspection, transportation, environmental engineering and in research laboratories.

The civil engineering and constructions graduates will:
  • - Be in charge of execution, monitoring, and operations management on site.

  • - Participate in the organization, execution and analysis of experimental programs in research laboratories.

  • - Function and communicate effectively in a professional team.

  • - Engage in lifelong learning through their professional development and opportunities for further education in graduate school.

Graduates of the Bachelor in Civil and Construction Engineering Technology will have demonstrated the following traits:
  • - Ability to select and apply the knowledge, skills, modern tools and techniques to broadly defined civil engineering technology activities.

  • - An ability to conduct, analyse, and interpret experiments; and apply experimental results to improve materials/processes for construction projects.

  • - Ability to conduct standardized field and laboratory testing on civil engineering materials.

  • - Ability to plan, prepare, and utilize design, construction, and operations documents, such as specifications, contacts, change orders, engineering drawings, and construction schedules

  • - Ability to function effectively as a member or leader on a technical or multidisciplinary team.

  • - An understanding of the need for and an ability to engage in a lifelong learning.

The Degrees We Offer
The Department offers an English and French Track to students in Civil Engineering and Construction, and they are available at all three campuses of the University of Balamand: Main Campus at Koura, Akkar Campus at Beino and Souk AL Ghareb Campus.

Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering and Construction Bacc + 3 100 Credits English/French

After Graduation
Graduates with a degree of bachelor’s in civil engineering can continue their studies and be admitted to master’s programs and other engineering school and they are eligible to join the order of engineers. They can choose one of the following orientations as a Master Program; Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Urban Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Earthquake engineering and Materials Science.
Graduates can also directly get involved in work answering to their qualifications in the field of construction, whether in Lebanon or abroad.