UOB Earns 6 Trophies at the USC Leagues

UOB Earns 6 Trophies at the USC Leagues

Despite the historically unparalleled challenges that the Academic Year has presented to educational institutions in Lebanon and globally, the Athletics Department at the Office of Student Affairs is happy to report great successes. Out of 13 competitive sports that UOB teams take part of as a member of the Lebanese University Sports Conference (USC Leagues) our teams have earned six trophies with the following results.

- First Place Men’s Volleyball Championship
- Second Place Senior Men’s Football (UOB Senior Team)
- Second Place Men’s Squash
- Third Place Junior Men’s Football (UOB Junior Team)
- Third Place Women’s Volleyball
- Third Place Women’s Table Tennis

Director of the Athletics Department, Mr. Tony Dib, explained that the USC decided to end the season taking into account the results of games completed before the lockdown was initiated. While very happy with the results he insisted that UOB teams could have earned even better results hadn’t the season come to this unfortunate end. What is even more unfortunate, according to Mr. Dib, is that the UOB Razorbacks (UOB Rugby Team) did not get a chance to uphold their undefeated streak this year as they only played one game before the lockdown.

In turn, Acting Dean of Admissions, Registration, and Student Affairs Dr. Walid Moubayed congratulated the UOB athletic teams on their achievements. “Although it’s been a year full of challenges we are truly proud of all the success the UOB community is achieving” he said. On a final note, Dr. Moubayed commended the students, coaches, and staff at the athletics department for their devotion, commitment, and remarkable achievements.