Town Hall Meeting with President Warrak

President Warrak addressed students, staff and faculty members in the first Town Hall meeting held in Zakhem Auditorium on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019. Dr. Warrak presented his new vision of the University, which involves providing academic excellence and quality education and building a culture of ethics and patriotism as opposed to the culture of mediocrity prevailing nowadays. The President affirmed the importance of securing accreditation from international accrediting agencies and promoting innovative and creative research.

Dr. Warrak also alluded to the various challenges facing the University, emphasizing the need to expand international academic affiliations with world-renowned institutions. He stated that investing in such partnerships opens up new vistas for research collaborations, provides students with job opportunities, and enhances the University’s visibility. He also promised students to work hard on increasing funds for scholarships, state-of-the-art equipment, and lab upgrades, asserting: “Universities are not established to make money, they are established to invest money in students, faculty, and staff… In raising the academic values of our diplomas, we will be able to offer our students with prospects of unlimited creativity”.

He also called the UOB community to benefit from constructive criticism and to discard all destructive rumors that distort the true image of the University.

The President’s presentation was followed by a quick demonstration on the new features of the redesigned website, and a session of Questions and Answers that enabled the audience to raise their concerns on various issues pertaining to the University.